Turn Around Program (TAP)

The Turn Around Program provides intervention and support to youth by providing workshops, mentoring and tutoring to assist them in turning their lives around.



Stop Crime In Time (SCIT)

Stop Crime In Time is targeted at At-Risk juveniles who are at risk of coming into contact with the juvenile system in a negative way.  This program is intended to stop crime before it starts.



My Choice

“My Choice” is a series of critical thinking classes which encourages youth participants to consider how their decisions impact their lives. A variety of topics are presented for the youth to consider.



Prevention of Violence

Prevention of Violence is a workshop that encourages alternatives to violence through the development and teaching of positive ways to handle conflict.



Toi Land

Toi Land is an outdoor program aimed at exposing our youth to the outdoors.  Toi Land will have varieties of animals and a place for the youth to have fun filled activities.